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Please MAKE SURE that you receive a confirmation email after any registration or reservation; if you do not receive confirmation, you are not enrolled!

Choose an easy-to-remember password and store it in a safe place. If you forget your password, please contact the office. DO NOT create a second account. You will be charged a membership fee on the new account, which is non-refundable.



Registration will open at noon on Monday, October 30!

We tried a new registration process this summer called “rolling sessions” and it went GREAT, so we are continuing the rolling sessions year-round! This new process eliminates the old monthly Registration Week and replaces it with continuous registration plus automatic monthly billing. Our goal is to never again have a long-time DSG family miss out on a session of gymnastics or a new family feel like they can never get into classes due to our registration process.

Here are some features and requirements of the new process that are important to note:

  • Because of this new automatic billing process, please make sure to email us BY OR BEFORE the last Sunday of the month if you wish to not be enrolled for the next month; once a charge is on your account, you may only receive DSG credit for your tuition.
  • If you like the class days/times you had last month and don’t want to make any changes, you don’t have to do anything to continue the same class(es) next month! The card you placed on your Parent Portal account will automatically be charged for the next session’s tuition during the last week of each month. Gone are the days of rushing to register on your Monday lunch break and worrying about losing your child’s spot in class.
    • If you prefer to pay by cash or check, you must pay your tuition for the upcoming month by the end of your child’s last class of the current session to retain your child’s class spot. Unpaid spots will be given to gymnasts on the waitlist.
    • When we move to the Midco Gymnasium in the Starion Sports Complex in November, we will be starting a brand new schedule. You will be automatically pro-rated for any classes cancelled due to the moving process. With our new schedule, we hope to add more classes, have better matched class groups in the gym at the same time, smoother transitions from activity to activity, and an even safer experience for all of our gymnasts.
  • If you want to add a day for the next month, you can register for an open spot or put your child on the wait list at ANY time. We no longer have a designated “Registration Week.” If you register mid-month, you will only be charged for the remaining classes in the session.
  • If you want to change your day (i.e. Tuesday in June, then Thursday in July instead), please submit a “Transfer Request” from your Parent Portal. If there is an open spot in the class, the system will reserve your spot until we can approve it.
  • If your gymnast wants to “drop” their class for the next month, please email the office at dakotagym@hotmail.com by or before the last Sunday of the current month in order to not be charged for the next month of classes; once a charge is on your account, you may only receive DSG credit for your tuition.

We are holding our first class in our new home in the Midco Gymnasium inside the Starion Sports Complex the week of November 6. If you have any questions, please call 701-663-1174, email, or stop in the office. Thank you for choosing DSG!