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Closed Friday, September 1 – Monday September 4. Reopen on Tuesday, September 5 

New to September Enrollment!!! 

All classes are changing to a 2 month session.

Tumbling/Jump/Stretch classes $16.25 a class for a 2 month session

Stunting classes:  Flyers $21.25 a class, Bases $11.25 a class for a 2 month session

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"20 for 20"

Maryland Twisters is excited to be celebrating our 20th year!

In appreciation for the continued support of our Twister families, we are offering 20% off class enrollments for all Twisters athletes who are currently on teams!

(The discount will automatically be applied when you register for classes.)

If your athlete has never taken classes before, set up an account and call the office so we can activate the discount for you. :)

   ♥         ♥        ♥    

$5 Tuesday and Thursday High School Open Gym

2:00-3:00 pm Only for the month of August

$10 Friday Open Gyms

6:30-8:00 pm

$15 Saturday Open Gyms

Saturday Level 3-5 only

10:00-11:00 am 



  • Use the Level filter to search for classes based on skill level.
  • Level 1 - Mastering the basics! Forward/Backward Roll, Handstands, Cartwheel, Round-off, Front/Back Walkover
  • Level 2 - HANDSPRINGS! Running and Standing Front/Back Handsprings.
  • Level 3 - The beginning of Aerial Style Flipping. Running Front/Back Tucks.
  • Level 4 - Advanced Aerial Flipping. Whips, Layouts, Standing Tucks.
  • Level 5 - ELITE!!! Full twisting layouts and more... MUCH MORE!


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